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Acoustic Treatment

How to Build Your Own Acoustic Panels (DIY)

Make Cheap, Easy, Attractive DIY Sound Absorption Wall Panels




Sound-Absorbing Drapery: Theory & Application

Sound-control acoustic curtains



Pipe Organ Grill Cloth Comparison Test

Six grill cloth fabric options tested for sound transmission loss





Home Theater


Home Theater Design: Acoustics Guide

Step by step instructions for a perfect home cinema acoustic environment





Home Theater: Surround Sound Speaker Placement

How to arrange the 5.1 channel surround sound speakers in your home theater





Where to Place Acoustic Treatment in a Home Theater

Locate specular reflection points with a mirror and a friend





Noise Control


Classroom Acoustics

The classroom acoustical environment is critical to student learning and academic performance.






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  1. dawson zeigler   |  Tuesday, 12 August 2014 at 7:20 am

    You might look at tennis balls (cut in half) mounted on cement board panels (about 5.6 sf) as sound control in places that require fire ratings as well as in residential installations. For the DIY ers, the cost of materials is about $5 to $5.50 per sf. I have pictures of the panels in a restaurant but no sound attenuation ratings. My interest lies in selling the balls. I built some of the panels so I can fill you in on some of the DIY details.

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