List of Noise Control Products

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List of Noise Control Products

The following is a list of sound insulation (sound proofing) products and treatment manufacturers. These materials are designed to increase the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of an assembly or prevent unwanted leakage that the limits the performance of an existing installation.

Performance improvements are incremental and not absolute. There is no such thing as “sound proof.” Noise control products are lab tested to determine performance according to ASTM E90 (sound transmission loss (TL)) and ASTM E413 (STC).  Ask for the lab report to validate any manufacturer’s claim.

There are often many options for improving STC performance, but sometimes a specific problem requires a specific solution. Sound transmission loss is very much a “weakest link” situation. This means that the weakest path for sound transmission will often limit the overall sound insulation from one room to another. For this reason, we strongly recommend seeking expert counsel for your noise control engineering project. An expert consultant can be found here at the National Council of Acoustical Consultants directory:

For all products listed below, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to get the intended result.

Acoustical Caulks & Sealants – Useful for sealing small seams, holes, and penetrations.

3M – St. Paul, MN –
Products: 3M™ Smoke and Sound Sealant SS100
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OSI (Henkel Corporation) – Rocky Hill, CT –
Products: SC175 Draft & Acoustical Sound Sealant
Available on

USG – Libertyville, IL –
Products: USG Sheetrock Brand Acoustical Sealant

Dow Corning – Midland, MI –
Products: Dow Corning 795 Silicone Building Sealant
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Laminated Gypsum Panels
– Typically consists of a layer of viscoelastic damping polymer sandwiched between two pieces of gypsum board.

QuietRock (Pabco Gypsum) – Newark, CA –
Products: EZ-SNAP, Quietrock 510, Quietrock 530 board

CertainTeed Saint-Gobain – Malvern, Pennsylvania –
Products: SilentFX Quickcut Drywall

National Gypsum – Charlotte, North Carolina –
Products: Gold Bond SoundBreak XP 5/8” Gypsum Board

Acoustical insulation
– Higher density insulation products proven to reduce cavity resonance in stud walls.

Roxul USA – Milton, Ontario Canada –
Products: ROXUL AFB® is a lightweight, semi-rigid batt insulation

Thermafiber (Owens Corning) – Wabash, Indiana –
Products: SAFB Mineral fiber insulation

Owens Corning – Toledo, OH –
Products: R-19 fiberglass insulation batt

Resilient Isolation clips
– High performance wall and ceiling isolation solution, providing easy snap-in to steel hat channel.

Pliteq – Vaughan, ON Canada –
Products: GenieClip RST Sound Isolation Clip

PAC International, Inc. – Clark County, Nevada, –
Products: RSIC-1 Isolator
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Kinetics Noise Control- Dublin, Ohio –
Products: IsoMAX Sound Isolation Clips
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Resilient channels – A cost-effective way to provide isolation between wall board and studs. WARNING: using screws that are too long can “short circuit” the channel. Use ONLY manufacturers recommended screw length.

Clark Dietrick – West Chester, OH –
Products: RC Deluxe Resilient Channel (RCSD)

SCAFCO – Spokane, WA –
Products: RC-1 and Serenity RC Resilient Sound Channel

Auralex Acoustics – Indianapolis, IN –
Products: RC-8 Resilient Channel
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Visco-Elastic Damping Compound – Wet product applied onsite between two pieces of gypsum board, providing additional damping within the wall surface.

Green Glue (A Saint-Gobain Company) –
Products: Noiseproofing compound
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QuietCoat (Pabco Gypsum) – Newark, CA –
Products: QuietCoat 118 sprayable, viscoelastic polymer

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier (MLV) – Sheets of limp mass that can be applied in a variety of ways.

dB Sound Control Solutions – Mount Airy, NC –
Products: dB-3Pro

Acoustiblok, Inc., Tampa, FL –
Products: Various Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier products in sheets and panels.

Sound Seal, Agawam, MA –
Products: Sound Quality® Barrier is available in rolls 54″ wide by 30′ or 60′ long

K-Flex USA. Youngsville, NC –
Products:  A mass-loaded, lead- and halogen-free elastomeric acoustic insulation noise barrier

Resilient Floor Underlayment –
Reduces the loudness of footsteps on the floor above for occupants in the rooms below.  Floor underlayment products are tested for impact sound isolation performance according to ASTM E492. This method provides the Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating on floor ceiling assemblies in laboratory conditions.  This material is installed underneath a hard surface finish floor.

Note that IIC values are always for an entire assembly tested which includes the underlayment as one component.  Advertised ratings for these materials are sometimes achieved with insulated & isolated ceiling assemblies which contribute greatly to the performance. Acousticians often look for underlayment that can provide IIC 50 or greater when tested with a finish floor covering over a 6″ bare concrete slab (no ceiling).

Pliteq – Vaughan, ON Canada –
Products: GenieMat RST

Ecore International – Lancaster, PA –
Products: QT Sound Insulation Underlayment (Recycled Rubber )

QEP – Boca Raton, FL –
Products: 72000Q 1/4″Natural Cork Underlayment
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Acoustical Door Systems
– Operable door systems include the frame and leaf with seals at the full perimeter and threshold.

Overly Door Company – Norfolk, NE –
Products: Wood door systems tested up to STC 49 and Metal Door Systems up to STC 57

Algoma Hardwoods, Inc. – Algoma, WI –
Products: Acoustical wood door leaf and frame sets.

High Quality Door Seal Components – Door system TL performance is usually limited by leakage through the perimeter gaps. If you do not have extreme performance requirements, applying high quality seals to the perimeter and threshold of an existing solid core wood or insulated metal door can provide improved performance.

PEMKO – Memphis, TN –
Products: PDB Series Acoustic Door Bottoms, S-88 bulb seal (perimeter gasket)
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Zero International – Indianapolis, IN –
Products: Perimeter gaskets and automatic door bottoms

Acoustical Glass & Windows
– Windows are a challenge for noise control since glass likes to transmit low frequency sound. These companies have been working to improve isolation from transportation noise and other outdoor sources. The current rating for window units is called OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class) according to ASTM E1332

St Cloud Windows – Sauk Rapids, MN  –
Products: Lab-tested high-STC window & door systems.

Saflex – Kingsport, TN –
Products: Laminated glass units with high sound transmission loss

EFCO – Monett, MO. –
Products: Acoustically rated operable window & glass door systems

Oldcastle Building Envelope – Itasca, IL –
Products: Acoustically rated operable window & glass door systems

Lindsay Windows – Warrenville, IL –
Products: Acoustically rated operable window & door systems

Miscellaneous Noise Control Products

3M – St. Paul, MN. –
Products: Moldable fire barrier putty pads and sticks with excellent acoustical properties.  Great for sealing larger gaps, holes, and electrical boxes.
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Kinetics Noise Control – Dublin, Ohio –
Products: HVAC vibration isolation, curtain systems, floor, wall, ceiling isolation systems, sound absorbing wall panels, barrier panels, equipment isolators, and more

Acoustical Barrier Panels

Crest Precast, Inc. – La Crescent, MN –
Cementitious Fiber and Concrete Highway Barriers with STC and NRC performance.

Empire Acoustical Systems, Round Rock, TX –
Products: Highway Barriers, Septum Barriers, Enclosures, Wall Panels.

Echo Barrier, Chicago, IL –
Products: Portable noise barriers, sound reduction curtains and acoustic fencing